So this happened on Brazilian TV.

Pluto is a planet again bro!



"You know I’m from the future, right?"

"You know that basically any solid rock floating around in space is a planet now, right?"


Hsu in Enjoi’s Bag of Suck (2006)


Hsu in Enjoi’s Bag of Suck (2006)


Ain’t It Sweet, Feel That Body Heat (3150 words, NC17)
In which Cass has to share a bed with Enzo in a cold motel room. 

a lot longer than anything else i’ve written so far, and there are quite a few cliches in it, but ayy. enjoy~

* * * * *

There’s been a mix-up, they’d said. No other rooms, they’d said.

And now Cass found himself back-to-back with Enzo in a bed that felt too small in a motel room made for one. He hadn’t shared a bed with Enzo in a good, long time, and the few instances that he had, they’d both been too drunk or too exhausted to care — or both. But this time was different.

This time, Cass was wide awake and completely sober. And this time, he had new and improved feelings for his best friend. Dreams fueled by cold medicine can make a person realize a lot of things. 

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I had nothing to do with that, I swear, I’m sorry.